The following is an excerpt from the Florida Health Department.

Immunization Laws

Florida Statutes

Reportable Diseases

  1. Epidemiological research; report of diseases of public health significance Title XXIX, Chapter 381.0031
  2. Sexually Transmissible Diseases; Reporting Required Title XXIX, Chapter 384.25

School Entry Requirements, Including Required Immunizations

  1. Public K-12 Education; School-entry Health Examinations; Immunization Against Communicable Diseases; Exemptions; Duties of Department of Health Title XLVIII, Chapter 1003.22(4)
  2. Student and Parental Rights and Educational Choices; Family and School Partnership for Student Achievement Act Title XLVIII, Chapter 1002.23(7)
  3. Student and Parental Rights and Educational Choices; Private Schools, Immunizations Title XLVIII, Chapter 1002.42(6)

Immunization Registry

    Communicable Disease and AIDS Prevention and Control Title XLVIII, Chapter 381.003

Post secondary Educational Institutions

    Vaccination Against Meningococcal Meningitis and Hepatitis B Title XLVIII, Chapter 1006.69

Influenza and Pneumococcal Prevention


    Public Health: General Provisions; Primary and Preventive Health Services Title XXIX, Chapter 381.005

Nursing Homes

    Administration and Management of Nursing Home Facilities Title XXIX, Chapter 400.141


    Administration of Vaccines and Epinephrine Autoinjection Title XXXII, Chapter 465.189

Emergency Medical Services Personnel

    Emergency Medical Services Community Healthcare Title XXIX, Chapter 401.272