The following is an excerpt from the Florida Health Department.


Federal Laws

   National Vaccine Program Office


Chapter 6A—Public Health Service
Subchapter XIX Vaccines

Part 1—National Vaccine Program

   300aa-1 Establishment

   300aa-2 Program Responsibilities

   300aa-3 Plan

   300aa-4 Repealed

   300aa-5 National Vaccine Advisory Committee

   300aa-6 Authorization of Appropriations


Part 2—National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

Subpart A—Program Requirements

   300aa-10 Establishment of Program

   300aa-11 Petitions for Compensation

   300aa-12 Court Jurisdiction

   300aa-13 Determination of Eligibility and Compensation

   300aa-14 Vaccine Injury Table

   300aa-15 Compensation

   300aa-16 Limitations of Action

   300aa-17 Subrogation

   300aa-18 Repealed

   300aa-19 Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines


Subpart B—Additional Remedies

   300aa-21 Authority to Bring Actions

   300aa-22 Standards of Responsibility

   300aa-23 Trial


Subpart C—Assuring a Safer Childhood Vaccination Program in the United States

   300aa-25 Recording and Reporting of Information

   300aa-26 Vaccine Information

   300aa-27 Mandate for Safer Childhood Vaccines

   300aa-28 Manufacturer Recordkeeping and Reporting


Subpart D—General Provisions

   300aa-231 Citizen's Actions

   300aa-32 Judicial Review

   300aa-33 Definitions


Chapter 7—Social Security

Subchapter XIX—Grants to States for Medical Assistance Programs

   Section 1396s Program for Distribution of Pediatric Vaccines